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Natural Magnesium with Vitamine C


Magnesium is a vital mineral to keep us healthy and is essential for the functioning of the body. Our natural formula also includes Vitamin C for maximum biological support.
Magnesium and Vitamin C, contribute to the energy efficiency of the metabolism, to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, to the natural functioning of the muscles and to the synthesis of proteins and to the cognitive and psychological functions.


Magnesium also participates in the duplication of DNA and in the transmission of nerve impulses, regulates blood sugar levels, favors the absorption and metabolism of other minerals and helps regulate body temperature as well as maintaining healthy bones, joints, cartilage. and teeth.

It is also considered a powerful cardiovascular protector, prevents coronary artery spasms, maintains cholesterol levels at normal levels, and regulates heart rate and blood pressure.

It has been shown to decrease the levels of substances involved in menstrual pain and inflammation and prevent migraines that sometimes appear during this natural process, as well as fluid retention in the extremities, breast discomfort and abdominal swelling.

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60 capsules

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