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The aim is to ensure that a disease classified as chronic can be controlled for life and that it can only be latent.

For this, each specific case is always studied. They have to assess the eating habits, family patterns, family and work environment, and above all, the ability of each patient to manage emotions, since the nervous system is closely linked to this disease and anxious, nervous people, or simply sensitive and introverted tend to develop this pathology more.

How to treat Psoriasis
Psoriasis can be treated better if we do it from within, that is, eliminating toxins as much as possible, balancing the nervous system, knowing the blood food intolerances, with a good natural treatment and avoiding the ingestion of chemical drugs.

We pamper the liver, the less work this organ has, the better and faster the treatment will evolve.

With our help we can make it more bearable by incorporating it into our personality, as if it were one more aspect of life and being aware that we can control it.

You must understand what the disease means to us. If we see it as a challenge, we will have more possibilities to master it. After diagnosing it, our main objective is to stop the degenerative process.

If the patient presents joint stiffness, pain or swelling, we recommend other Natural Jovid products that can alleviate this pain. And for the skin, there are creams for psoriasis and lotions for the scalp that are made by laboratories under our demand.

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